From poverty to death

Today a thirteen years old girl died from breathing overdose of gas.
Her mother was from Serbia. She moved to Greece for a better life.

The better life in Greece
She cleaned stairs to survive and feed her child, if she was lucky enough to find such a job offer! They lived for two and a half months now without electricity, because she couldn’t afford to pay the electricity bill. Her young girl got ill, the weather got cold. She put fire at a amateur “magkali” by putting coals on a grill. The mother fainted out. When she woke up she realized that her daughter was dead.

The reaction of the Greek state
The state accused her mother of murder from negligence, but as this was really shocking they left the mother for free. However, as if having lost a child is not a big intolerable drama itself, the state gave to the mother 30 days to leave the country because her documents expired. I f not she will be deported!!!

Everyday crimes of a murderous policy…
Everyday victims…
Today, it was Sara, 13 years old.

Katerina Notopoulou, 2/12/2013, Thessaloniki