ÄrztInnen treten in den Streik

imageGreece: Hospital Doctors participate in the strike of the 9th of April, Wednesday

The hospital doctors, according to the decision of the General Council of their union (OENGE) participate to the strike and the protests that take part all over Greece on Wednesday the 9th of April and the hospitals will work with security personnel which will cover all the emergency cases.

The hospital doctors demand that the waves of austerity and the new measures which put the staff in state of availability to stop being implemented because they have demolished the NHS. Moreover, they demand that the hospitals hire permanent and sufficient staff that is necessary for its operation and that the doctors who are in a flexible state to become permanent in the NHS.

They also demand that the hospitals get the budget they need in order not to stay without material and sources.

The hospital doctors are fighting for a healthcare system that will cover for free and without discriminations the needs for health of all the people who live in Greece.

Katerina Notopoulou, Thessaloniki, 9/4/14